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About Canvas

Canvas is derived from Natural Cotton.  It is milled using a thicker weave to achieve a stiff, heavy, strong and durable fabric.

Canvas has been used throughout the ages in a wide range of applications.

Light Weight Canvas (200gsm / 7.5oz) provides a really useful middle ground between the economy of Cotton and the beauty of Heavy Weight (275gsm / 10oz) Canvas.

Heavy Weight Canvas (275gsm / 10oz) is beautiful, strong and has some structure which makes it ideal for larger styles like our Supermarket Bags.

While both fabric weights are available in a range of colour options, but most customers usually stick with the traditional natural finish to the fabric.

For printing we usually suggest screen print where possible as this is the most economical method, plus the soft fabric finish of Cotton and Canvas receives screen print very nicely.

Of course, we can use other print method for more complex artwork.

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