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What fabric options are available?

We make Reusable Bags from all kinds of material, follow each of these link to find out more :


What can I print on my Bags?

We can print just about anything on your bags.  We have a few print methods that can cope with all artwork types.

Most bags are printed using screen printing, which is suitable for simple images up to about 6 colours.

For more complex (photo quality) images we usually use either Indexed Screen Print or Heat Transfer Print.

Indexed Screen Print involves using a number of screens to create a single image.  The final print is a composite creation of a number of individual images, kind of like an overlapping collage to produce the final result.

Thermal Transfer Printing involves printing the artwork on to a suitably sized sheet of photographic paper which is treated to withstand the heat press.  The artwork is printed on 1 side while the other has a thin film of adhesive which permanently attaches the sheet to the bag during the heat press process.

The Heat Press process is slower and much more labour intensive than screen printing, and unlike screen print, the cost of a thermal transfer image is directly proportional to the size of the image.  Set-up costs for Thermal Transfer printing are relatively low but production cost is high.


How long will it take to get my Bags?

See our Delivery Timetable.


How will my bag look?

It is often difficult to visualise a certain style in a different colour, and how your logo will work best.  So send us your artwork using our Upload Centre and we’ll create a visual sample.  You will be amazed at how much easier it is to visualise your bag design when you have a picture of it.

The visual sample can use just about any file type because it is a low resolution image for demonstration only.

For production we need a print-ready file.  Our Artwork Requirements page has all the details you'll need.


Can I get my bags delivery faster?

Yes.  We can do a few things to speed up the process.

Warehouse Stock :: can be delivered in 5 days (additional fee's may apply)

Factory Direct :: can be as little as 5 weeks using our Priority Manufacturing and Express Shipment service.


What is the minimum number of bags I can order?

Warehouse Stock :: 50 bags.

Factory Direct :: 500 bags.


Can I change dimensions from the standard styles?

Warehouse Stock :: No.

Factory Direct :: Yes - you have total control, you choose every dimension.


I don’t see the style I really want - can I design my own bag?

Certainly – we are happy to work to your exact design, but is only available with Factory Direct orders (min. 1,000 bags).


Where are the bags made?

All our bags are made in Asia or the sub-continent (India). We regularly visit and inspect our factories to ensure ongoing good working conditions, high quality standards, adherence to safety standards and minimum wages regulations, please see our Ethical Sourcing Policy for more details.