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About Juco

Juco is a blend of 75% Jute and 25% Cotton.

Juco Bag from Bag PeopleSimilar to any other popular blends, the aim has been to extract the best components and features of the base ingredients.

The combination of Jute and Cotton has created the Super Luxury result of Juco.

The Cotton section of Juco has the end result of very high quality stiff Canvas which allows amazing print results at a much lower cost than could ever be possible on the Jute alternative.  This is due to the very fine weave of fabric when compared to the open weave nature of Jute.

The Jute portion of the Juco delivers an extremely strong and long lasting bag.  Plus, the brilliant environmental qualities of Jute which is it's fast growing plant that requires no herbicides, pesticides or vast quantities of water to develop a great crop.

does cost more than Jute or Cotton because of the additional milling and fabrication required... but what would you expect from a Super Luxury product.

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