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About Polyester Stuff Bags

Stuff Bags are our range of bags made from incredibly soft, lightweight polyester fabric which can be stuffed into a tiny pouch and carried easily in a pocket or handbag.  This means that rather than being forgotten at home, or left in the car; Stuff Bags will always be there when you need them and thus reducing (or completely eliminating) the single use plastic bag.

Bag People Stuff Bags are made from your choice of New or Recycled Polyester (PET or RPET).

Isn't PET what Water Bottles are made of?
Yes – PET stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate; which is a plastic resin and form of Polyester.  It is generally referred to as PET in food and beverage packaging and Polyester in textiles.

PET is the type of plastic labelled Code 1 on plastic bottles and containers and is commonly used for packaging soft drinks, water, juice, cosmetics and household cleaners.

PET is usually the packaging of choice for these items because of its amazing strength, thermal stability and transparency – customers choose PET because it is inexpensive, lightweight and recyclable.

Is Recycled PET really Recycled?
Yes – and PET plastic recycling is more practical than many other plastics applications.  The primary reason is that plastic drink bottles are almost exclusively PET which makes them easier to identify in the recycling stream – recycling of this nature is known as Post Consumer Waste Recycling.

After sorting, the 1st steps shreds and crushes the bottles in to flakes which are washed and dried.

Then the process takes the flakes to re-polymerisation where they are created as yarn for spinning then weaving as a cloth.

Virgin PET is used for water bottles, milk bottles, food containers which are collected and recycled.

Recycled PET (RPET) is made in to toys, carpet, filler for pillows, CD cases, plastic lumber and fibres for bags.

Our Recycled PET fabric is made using 100% recycled materials (using mostly Post-Consumer Recycling), however, the thread that is used as stitching, any labelling and print inks are not made from recycled materials.

When printing we suggest using screen print for our Stuff Bags, but we can use a Heat Transfer (for more complicated prints) depending on the print size needed.

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